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I was working on a macro that goes through a database online and I was wondering if anyone had found a reliable way to have the macro move the page up when it reaches the bottom of the page to continue working. I have tried to have it click the down arrow but the page doesnt scroll prefectly for the macro to hit all lines. I've tried looking for a way for macro express to just scroll down X many pixles but haven't found that yet either. Tab doesn't work due to the data i need to pull off doesn't get tabbed to.


If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I have done actual programming in Java and such so difficulty of code is illrelevant. Thanks.

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Tried that, it changes from adding 5 things to the list to adding 4 things to the list and there isn't consistent pattern. Granted I could go as far as to do this and figuring out the pixel color since it is only 2 colors to find out where I'm at on the list but if I could avoid doing that that would be nice.

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