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mouse movement and click without pc monitor


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I have witten the macro which include the combination of key type and mouse movement & click together schedule..


In detail, my intention is that

1) Other program power on pc on schedule time,

2) and then macro execute the combination of key type and mouse movement & click as scheduled

3) the program that power on pc shutdown the pc

It was working nicely on time of schedule as I intended, with monitor connected to desktop


But If I disconnect the pc monitor from my desk top,

It didn;t work at 2), maybe it seems that mouse movement doesn;t locate the exact position without monitor..


How can I work out mouse movement & click without monitor??

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If the macro moves the mouse relative to the screen, try moving it relative to the window instead.



I've already try to relative to screen and also specific window, but neither didn't work well,

Is there way to detect the monitor(screen resolution) mode?


When the pc is power up and boot, the pc seems to detect the monitor's mode & capability,

In my case of no monitor connection, How would the pc decide the monitor mode & resolution?

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I have checked with Variable Set Integer %N1% from Screen Width and Variable Set Integer %N2% from Screen Height

And fould out that

when the pc boot up without connecting the monitor, my pc has been entering the very low resolution mode such as 480x320(small playground).

so I need to look for the way I change the mode into which the pc enter without connecting monitor?



After the boot without connecting monitor, I tried to change the mode with "default display size" macro,

but got the error, which might measn, "default display size" macro don;t seem to change the display mode without monitor..

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