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Finding Text Then Moving Mouse To That Location


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I'm new to ME and this forum so any assistance you can give me will be grately appreciated.


I am trying to create a macro that will search for a word within a web page (this word is variable) and once this is found move the mouse to that word location.


I've thought along the lines of using the IE find- this then highlights the word but I don't know how to then get the mouse to move to the word location.


Kind regards,


Matthew Ball

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Welcome to the group matty and ol3ears!


Are you looking to move the mouse because you want to click on a link that consists of the text you searched for? Unfortunatly, I think that Internet Explorer, like Microsoft Word, cannot make use of the Mouse Move to Text Cursor Position command.


If you want to engage a link, have the macro close the Find dialog, set focus to it, and hit the Enter key. Use Text Type command and enter <ESC><TAB><ENTER> to do the three steps.

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