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I like how Macro Express can be part of .hta's. I looked at the Hta example in the Third party tool Section of the forum and would like to know HOW "variable set string"-Set value Now can be self contained. How can the string be placed in the Set Value Now section with CRLF's in the string?


Any help would be appreciated.





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If you examine Floyd's sample macro How To: Multiple Field Input Form Example you will see a Variable Set String %T1% command that has all the CRLF's replaced with the string PGMCRLF. The following 4 lines change the PGMCRLF strings into CRLF's.


To create the string for the Variable Set String command, use your editor and replace all the CRLF's with a unique string such as PGMCRLF.

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Are you referring to the "DIRECT EDITOR"
No. A text editor. Depending on what program you are using to create your .hta files you may be able to use that program to edit the CRLF's.


Another approach would be to save your .hta into a file and write a macro that loads that file and converts all CRLF's into a special string.

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