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I have a group of eight macros, each activated by the appearance of one of eight specific windows. Each macro does some processing, then either the macro or the PC user takes some action on the current window, causing the next window to open, activate another macro, and so on.


Usually this works very reliably. However, the first time after PC startup it seems like the macros do not always get activated -- a window will appear but the macro will not run. I have enabled Window Activation Caching. Also I wrote an additional macro, to run at ME startup and call all the other macros, on the theory that would bring them all into ME cache and improve response. That seemed to help a little, but the whole process is still a bit flaky. Ideas, anyone?

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I have this exact problem once in a while, but with using key strokes to start a macro, and if I have the problem, the problem is always on trying to activate the first macro after start up of the computer (usually in the morning.)


I log into my computer, macro express is in the start up menu and loads automatically, along with a couple other programs. I open a file in excel, open a gflx window for processing. I start the macro with the command, say... Ctrl+Alt+6... and nothing happens. In a couple seconds when I realize it's not running I start it again by doing Ctrl+Alt+6 and the macro starts running.


Maybe someone else has been having this problem that can shed some light on why it's happeing the first time you use a macro after start-up of the computer. It's not because it lost the mex file. That shows itself in a totally different way.



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The 'Wait for' option under 'Run on Windows Startup' may help. Try setting a value of 5 to 20 seconds. Click Options, Preferences, Startup.


When Macro Express starts it establishes some interfaces with Windows. Sometimes Windows loads Macro Express before it is ready to accept these interfaces. The 'Wait for' option causes Macro Express to wait for the specified amount of time before loading. This often corrects problems that occur the when Windows starts up.

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Thank you, Kevin. I will give that a try. There is a macro that runs when ME sees a particular application logon screen, to activate the full set of macros that the application uses. So I added code to call my caching macro again at that point. That seems to have helped, but the "wait for" option at PC boot sounds worthwhile in any case.

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