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Firefox V3 & Wait for Webpage to load


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Hi All,


As you probably know the "Wait for Webpage (IE4+ only)" command doesn't work on Firefox.


There was a "workaround" for firefox such that you detect when the top right corner of firefox stops moving by detecting the current pixel colour when the page is loading and waiting for that colour to return to the colour when the page has loaded...


However, I've noticed that since Firefox V3 has been released this workaround is no longer functioning correctly because of some changes to the program I guess.


Does anyone have any ideas on how we can work around this, or are there plans for this feature to be extended to work under Firefox?


Ellis Romero

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I am not a FF user but I agree that support for this feature in other browsers would be nice. However I will point out that Wait For Web Page isn't foolproof in IE either especially if the page has any Java or other active content. For instance IE reports that it's done, which is correct, but the Java applet might not be finished doing it's thing. Also redirects and other activity can cause IE to report 'done' several times before it's what you or I would consider done. For this reason I often use my own 'done' routine.


I know this example is for IE but perhaps you can do something similar in FF. I measure the web window and move up X pixels to determine the approximate middle of the status bar. I then scan the bar horizontally every 5 pixels or so with Get Pixel Color in the region where the green progress indicator would normally appear (sometimes it moves around a little) and if I ever see a green pixel I restart my counter. You see I use a repeat with something like a 100mS delay and so if it repeats X number of times I get approximately X/10 seconds of wait. This way not only can I see when it appears done I can set it so that it has to be done for X seconds to be sure before moving on. It woks very well.

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