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Open/Close DVD Tray w/One Macro


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If I understand correctly you would need to get the state of the tray and there is no way I know of in ME3 to do that. But it's likely there's some VB Script to get the state.

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If you're going to open and close the DVD tray only via macros (e.g., you will not also press the button on the tray or manually push the tray in), then you could use a variable to store the tray state in an INI file.


Each time the macro runs, it reads the INI file to determine the current tray state (i.e., whether the last macro runs left the tray in the open or closed position). You then have an if statement such that if the tray was last opened, then close it now (and write 'closed' to that INI file), else open the tray (and write 'opened' to that INI file).


This approach is practical only if it is OK if the INI file sometimes gets out of synch with the real tray status (e.g., you accidentally manually push the tray and rather than closing it with the macro).

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