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This is not a problem with Macro Express. I am creating some macros to use with Word.

Just looking for someone that has used Command Line Switches.

I am trying to open a document using a template. I don't get a new document based on the template, but instead get the template.

Has anyone used switches and would you be willing to email offline to help me out.

Or we can discuss here if that is OK.

I'm new to this game of macro express. Amazing product!

Thanks, Bob

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Another way for opening Templates as documents


A long time ago I used Wordmacros too, but as BillyBoy always changes something wit a new Word version, I switched to MacroExpress.

As an example for silly Mickeysoft changes:

In the Word version of Office 2000 we used the Button "File" and the first command in the menu was "New" - or if I translate correctly "FileNewDialog".

In the window opening with "New" you could select the Template, which normally opens as *.doc and not as "dot".


Unfortunately since Word 2002 a stupid window opens on the right handside and if you push the "File" button, you won't see that "New" command. Therefore you have to seek for "FileNewDialog" under Extras-Modify-Commands-All commands-


http://www.mediocom1.de/images/Word2002DokVorlagen.gif Word in German:Search in Window "Modify" for command "FileNewDialogue"



Then with drag&drop move (a copy) of the "FileNewdialog" into your command "File" menu and place it there as first command.


Then with MacroExpress

Program Launch: "Winword.exe"

Text Type: <ALT>F

Delay 10 Milliseconds

Text Type: <ENTER>

you could load Word, push Alt+F(file) and O(ther in German it's "Andere") or better just Enter (as I'm not sure what command name will appear in English).

With a wait for LM(or RM) Mouseklick you can even make your own choice before the macro continues.

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