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Type <delete> key to control


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Can't think of how to get this to work, if I send text to control, any keystrokes are interpretted literally, so <shiftd>h<shiftu>i would come out as "<shiftd>h<shiftu>i" not "Hi"


I'm trying to send the delete key to a control... how do I do this?


I could set focus to Control, then type Delete, however this particular app will pop-up other windows on top, I've been running it like this for months, have had really really bad things happen when it hits "delete" on the wrong window.

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Never mind, I found it


Set %T1% to ascii code 8

Send test %T1% to control %C1%






code 127 (the original rub-out code) doesn't work, it must be ascii code 8. Unfortunately I'm finding that not all applications recognize the field as being blank when using this method, as it still contains the "backspace" character.

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