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Inserting Text From A .txt File


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I promise no more "gushing" after today but having played around with some other macro software I'm really excited to find this product. I want to play around with it a bit first but, at this point, I can't imagine not buying it. But, to the point...


Just on the off chance that someone here is familiar with the software I want my first macro to run in, I mention that it is Arelis.


One of the steps in running this software is to enter a search term and then later in the process enter a subcategory (which would be the same as the search term) for the work being done.


I'm hoping I can use the Text processing feature to take a list of ten terms and loop back after processing one term (several software steps are taken before the loop would begin again) until macroexpress has processed all ten lines.


1. Is this doable for someone new with macroexpress?

2. I'm assuming I put the text file end process at the end of the macro and not immediately after the text file begin process. Correct?

3. Before a loop finishes I want to reuse the text from the the most recent line processed a second time so that the search term is reused a second time to set the category. I'm guessing it would be best to make a duplicate text file with a different name and simply call that for the second use of the search term


I'm going to be working on this for a while today but thought I'd check in just in case I'm on the wrong route to getting this completed.


Thanks for any help.


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Thanks for the help. But, I'm stuck

I found the command to start this and I have:

Repeat Until %N1%= 14215660


I found "Repeat End"


What I can't find so far (and I have to leave work now) is the "Get" that you use to get the middle line. If anyone could explain that part to me I think I can finish my first major (in terms of importance) macro. I just need that color change wait in there and then clean up the macro so that it runs faster.


(God, I love this software already.)

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(God, I love this software already.)

You'll be a macro-junkie in no time!


The Get Pixel command is located inside the System category. You can turn off the categories using the "Options | Preferences | Appearance" dialog. Macro commands will then simply be listed alphabetically. Another way to quickly locate a command is to start typing it from within the Search for Command field located below the Commands window.

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What I can't find so far (and I have to leave work now) is the "Get" that you use to get the middle line.


I'm guilty of this myself, but I think some of us forget or maybe haven't noticed the "Search for Command:" box at the bottom of the Command pane in the ME Editor window. For example, to find the Get Pixel Color command, just start typing the command you're looking for and you will be taken to it.

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