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Can we deactive window on the desktop and make thepopup the active window


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Hi All,


As mentioned above in the subj line i want my pop up window which macro express generates to be active and disable any other window which is open on the desktop. which means even if the user clicks elsewhere when the pop up is there nothing should happend and action should be performed only when the use clicks on the popup.


Is this possible? The reason is the macro i made for one of our process ensures tht people work according to the flow of macro but when it pauses for an option to be keyed by the user they can put aside the macro and do other work in the windows which is not acceptable. We would like to avoid it.

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How about you hide the window (Window Hide) from them while you wait for input then unhide it when the macro continues? Or hide all the windows using Repeat With Windows?


Also you could make separate text box first using Text Box Display that you size to the dimensions of the display (or just some huge value like I did) and set to always on top. Just make sure your input dialog is set to Always on top.


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