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switching windows using Alt-Tab -- should it work?


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I'm trying to make a macro in Macro Express (first capturing and then editing with Script Editor), and I'm unable to successfully reproduce the action of changing windows using Alt-Tab. What I'm doing is switching windows between Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word to paste something that I've copied from the Acrbat file into the Word file. I thought I had it captured, but the Alt-Tab action doesn't play back. Instead, it seems that Adobe Acrobat interprets it in some other way and then copies my text into what may be a comment box. Obviously, we're never getting out of the Acrobat window...


Should Alt-Tab be reproducible? Or is there some other or better way to have the macro switch windows?


Thanks for any help.



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Try using <ALTD><TAB><ALTU>, if the key sequence wasn't captured that way. In other words, Alt Down is equivalent to pressing and holding the Alt key; then Tab is pressed and released; then Alt Up releases the Alt key. When you think about it, that's really what you are doing when you manually tab from window to window -- you may hit the tab key several times to cycle through a series of windows, before you finally release the Alt key.


If it still doesn't work, maybe you can use Activate Window to switch back and forth based on the [partial] window title. That may be more reliable overall if you have more than just the two windows running.

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