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Here is a technique I use in Macro Express with Roboform to make logging in to web sites easier.



- We have 2 websites we want to use, Site1 and Site2. Site1 is straight-forward, simply requiring Roboform to log in; Site2 needs additional commands (eg. we need to load a different page after logging in).

- We have setup both sites with the necessary Roboform passcards called Site1p and Site2p

- We want to use a ME menu to drive the choice of login

- We are running the Roboform program RoboTaskbarIcon.exe, which places the Roboform icon in the tray


Create a menu with the 2 choices of Site1 or Site2. Each choice populates a variable, say T99, with the values Site1p or Site2p, then runs a macro called Passcards.


The macro Passcards:

- moves the mouse to the Roboform icon

- right clicks

- types l - this logs us out of Roboform

- runs Passcards.exe passing the variable T99 which contains either Site1p or Site2p


The first thing Passcards.exe will do is popup a form asking for the master password (because we just logged out of Roboform). We have a macro called Roboform which is fired whenever this popup form appears (the title will contain "Roboform Master password").


The macro Roboform:

- types in the master password (remember to secure this macro with a design-time password)

- contains the logic needed for each passcard which has special requirements (Site2p in our example) using a Switch command on T99; it contains no logic for Site1p because none is needed

- waits for the target window to appear before running the additional logic (Roboform will handle the login for us)


The key to this lies in the Roboform macro. By logging out of Roboform, we have forced an identifiable window to appear (Enter Master Password), the appearance of which triggers our controlling macro Roboform.


Thsi technique could be used in other applications where a known form can be made to appear.

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