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Set window order on top


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I was wondering if someone could explain what "set window order on top" is?


The reason why I ask is because I would like to launch a program within a program with a button opening it, but I would like to open the program, say excel for example, in a specific place(using Window Reposition).


I would like to make it seem like the "excel program is embedded" in a specific place so it looks like I am viewing a screen within a screen with a fixed border.


Bottom line: If the main program behind Excel "closes" or "is minimized" or is "maximized", Excel does NOT do the same thing.


Also, if SOME OTHER program is opened, I want "excel" to be placed behind the newly opened window.


Is there anyway of doing this?





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I was wondering if someone could explain what "set window order on top" is?

Windows allows one window/dialog to have an 'on top' setting. When a window is set to 'on top' other windows are displayed underneath it, even if the other window has focus. Task Manager works this way.


You can set a window to 'on top' but that doesn't stop Windows or some other program from making a different window 'on top'. If that occurs then the window you set to be 'on top' is no longer 'on top'.

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