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Shut down a running(hidden) program


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I want a program to shutdown and have ME check every few seconds to see if some other program shuts down first. To further elaborate, one program closes ONLY IF another one closes first.


There is one catch: the second/dependent program IS HIDDEN.


<DIS:<WAITWIN2:000010:000000:ACT! by Sage - Personal><DIS:<IFOTH:14:1:ACTSAGE.EXE><IFOTH:12:2:ACT! by Sage - Personal><WSHUT:Microsoft Excel - ACT! 2009 Excel oledb><WCLS:Microsoft Excel - ACT! 2009 Excel oledb><DIS:<TERMPROC:001000:0:T:Microsoft Excel - ACT! 2009 Excel oledb><ENDIF><DIS:<TERMPROC:001000:1:F:EXCEL.EXE>


The second program dependent on the primary program to close is hidden. Both "program shutdown" and "Window Close" completely "miss" seeing the hidden program. "terminate Process" works, but the darn things keeps on giving me an error over and over after it closes the program the first time.


I don't get it. Why doesn't "program shutdown" or "Window Close" not work? What is the workaround on this? This may sound weird, but why is this program so powerful, but sometimes a headscratcher?



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Hello all!


I had to take a different approach. Here is the solution:(You can substitute your own program for mine)


<IFOTH:14:1:ACTSAGE.EXE><AND><IFOTH:12:2:Microsoft Excel - ACT! 2009 Excel oledb><MSTOP><DIS:<BREAK><ENDIF><IFOTH:14:1:ACTSAGE.EXE><TERMPROC:001000:0:T:Microsoft Excel - ACT! 2009 Excel oledb><ENDIF>





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