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Days Of Work Lost

Carlos Garcia

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Macro express has massacered my macros there are 45 none of them open all the file names are screwed up everything is all over the place new macros with partial filenames of my originals with password protection (which I have never used) this is an absolute NIGHTMARE.


Hi ok I'm calm now, by the way backup your stuff because you never know when ME will do a "Hannibal Lecter" on your work.

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Really sorry to hear that. I've never lost macros before (I'm brand new at this. Just finishing my first major project) but I've certainly lost files before.


So, do we construct a macro that starts and runs macroexpress and when closing the program saves the files in three or four different locations? So that when ME shuts down today it does a backup in location 1, tomorrow a backup to location 2, etc.?


Is this practical?

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