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Dragging doesn't work


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I've successfully used the Mouse Left Button Down/Up commands before in various ways, but I'm stumped as to why this present little macro doesn't work. I'm simply trying to drag an entry in a list from one place to another, with familiar code like this:


  Mouse Move Screen %N3%, %N4%
 Delay 200 Milliseconds
 Mouse Left Button Down
   Delay 200 Milliseconds
   Mouse Move Screen %N1%, %N2%
   Delay 100 Milliseconds
 Mouse Left Button Up
 Delay 300 Milliseconds


But it acts as if the mouse button has just been clicked, not kept down, so no dragging occurs.


Maybe it's a quirk of the application itself, so if anyone has Google Earth and likes a puzzle... :rolleyes:

(Just try to drag an item in My Places.)



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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