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Generate A New Playable Macro For Forms


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Hi, again,


I thought someone might want to try this ("beta test"!) utility to generate a new playable macro with an inbuilt form you have designed.


A new utility as a Macro library (Set of Macros); double click on it to start it in Macro Express as a library; "CNTL- SHFT-N" to run it.


It starts with an example; you change the form name or field names, say how many types of input you want, then you will be prompted for the name of fields, buttons, or whatever to be displayed.


1. Fields (10)_________________Max10______(T11-T20) or Registry entries Name1, Name2 etc to 10)

2. Radio Buttons______________Max10______(T21), only one answer

3. Multiple Choice Categries____Max4________10 available in each (all in T22, comma delimited)

4. Single Choice Drop List______Max10_______(T23), only one answer

5. Check Boxes______________Max10_______(all in T24, comma delimited)


Whatever name you give your form, a new playable macro will be placed on the DeskTop of Current User, and can be imported if you "Reopen) your usual Macro Library.


I hope you can re-run it to make changes (for now I think only if you have not made another one since)


Feedback of interest; I realise that input is not limited appropriately etc; It does not run on Win98 or WinME


Best, Randall



XCopyME1 - Shows small form with field and button input (HTA)

XCopyGUI - generates macro and bat file (HTA)

Newer version7;


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