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Need Macro To Enable Mouse Scroll Wheel


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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to create a macro that will sense a wheel mouse scroll for an application that does not "natively" utilitze a mouse scroll wheel. While I have used Macro Express for other projects in the past, I am not "extremely" proficient in writing fancier macros. I have tried a few shots at this but to no avail.


Does anyone have ything like this or could someone point me in the right direction?


Thank you in advance.



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If the targeted application does not accept input from the wheel on the mouse, then there is nothing that Macro Express can do ... at least nothing that I can think of. It can only control what the application will accept. For example, if an application only accepts input from a keyboard, then any mouse commands would be ignored whether they came from your mouse or Macro Express.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I had the same hunch, which, unfortunately, you confirmed.  :(  I'll look around at any other options that I may have.

Try a program called Togglemouse, which among its many options, includes a feature to add wheel support to older applications that don't normally support such new-gangled technology!


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