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I can edit or create a new macro and they run without a problem.

However after I turn off the computer and restart it, I loose all the changes or


I would appreciate any help.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the one that gets overlooked.


I certainly don't mean to insult your intelligence, but are you certain you are clicking the Save icon at the top left of the

Editor window before closing it (or pressing Ctrl+s)? Macros can be run without saving them by using the Test Run button

on the Editor screen (looks like a little green Play button), but the macro needs to be saved before closing the editor or

it will be lost.


If you are saving it, then there may be something else wrong that the forums probably can't help you with, and you may

need to contact Insight tech support.

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One possibility too is if you are on the Macro Editor screen and you push on the icon that looks like a folder it goes to my documents. You'll see macex.mex and macex.001, macex002, macex003. If you click on one of those with the numbers. everything looks the same, but I think those are like back up copies or something. They are not the main macro folder. I believe macex.mex is.


I made this mistake in the begining, I'm still kind of a newbie so I could be wrong. Worth a check.

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