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Big Problem with left hand mouse

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Just installed the pro version and have a big problem!

I am a left hand mouse user so the mouse buttons are switched to left hand

(means the right mouse button is my left mouse button and vice versa)

All my macros i used with the old version worked fine - but now i use a macro (converted from the old version to the pro version) and it did not work - i looked at the macro and realized that the macro uses the wrong mouse button.



What can i do ?

all mouse button to switch to the pother side in all macros will take too much time

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No one here to help or did i found a bug?

I'd love to help, but I have no experience with left-hand mouse set-ups. Chances are the board-monitors who work for

Insight are reviewing your problem and will respond once they have been able to determine what is going on. Some

additional information about your macro might help. What is the exact code you're using in your macro (both in the ME 3

code and the ME Pro code)?

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I created over 300 macros in ME3 with mouse activation or mouse clicks in a macro


One of a simple macro is - if i click with the right mouse button on an area of the sreen - a program will be launched.


so i set the mouse activation to right button mouse click on an area to launch the program.

The right mouse button is for left hand people the same as the left button for right hand user


a longer one is this



<TVAR2:01:01:A><MENU2:2:T:01:CenterCenter:Behalten oder Udo?Behalten





and i have nearly 20 of those macros

so i had to look at every macro - see if there is a mouse click in it and change it.



But now in pro version the macro uses the right mouse button - but not the changed one - it uses the normal right button and this is wrong.

i changed the mouse button in windows system (change primary and secondary mouse button)

and ME 3 recognises it but not the pro version


and believe me - this is the only thing which get me stopped buying the new pro version. I worked with ME a lot of years and i have 100 and more macros or playable macros - it will cost me days to change all of them

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Thanks - where can i get information about the tracking number?

did not find the bugbase!

The tracking system does not accommodate direct access for customers. Instead, email messages are sent when the status of an issue changes. This requires that your email address be included with the issue. That is why we recommend you enter issues via our Report a Bug and Request a Feature web pages.


If you contact us privately we will add your contact information to [iSS6282]. Send us an email with your name (first and last) and email address. Be sure to reference [iSS6282].

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  • 1 month later...

in me3 there was a differnce between mouseclicks inside a macro or mouseclicks to activate a macro


mean if i activate a macro with a right click it was the right button - (that was ok)

if i create a right mouseclick inside a macro i hat to choose the left mouse click


so it was a problem for me3


but now i have the pro version and it seems all clicks will be the same right is right and left is left

so the problem appears in me3 but i had to correct the mistake here in me pro

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the problem is that all macros with left or right click i created in me3 not really running well in me pro after converting.


so yes it seems to be first a me3 problem but now it is a mepro problem


and what i am asking for is if there is a way to change all left clicks in right clicks and right clicks in left clicks in all macros in me pro in a fast way without changing every single macro.


so i mean how to create a macro to change the macros?

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So ... mouse click problem not in MX 3 but in MX Pro? Is that what you are saying? We have come full circle, I think.


Macro Express Pro v
54. Fixed a bug where swapped mouse buttons didn't work correctly.

Let's assume for the moment that the above fix in does indeed address the problem you had, and are having. I am not sure ISS means they fixed a conversion problem or they fixed an internal MX Pro problem. If it is a conversion problem, and you converted you MX3 macros prior to the above release, then maybe converting them again will resolve the issue.


If it not a conversion problem,and you are convinced that the mouse buttons are switched, then try the direct editor. Use its features to swap the click commands: <MOUSE RIGHT CLICK/> and <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/>.

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