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Hi fluxuated,


Welcome to the list!


I have a "Advanced Sticker" here on the list, but only cause I ask so many questions!


The macro below is not guaranteed (just set to show a text box when due at present, not do your actions.) I imagine you would the macro want to check you are in the correct program/ Window (or Activate it) before sending your key commands.


I don't think it is all that simple in Macro Express, as I cannot "set a timer" from a macro to schedule a macro to run. (Others may know how?.....)


The macro below needs you to import it to your Macro Library/ File, then schedule it to run every minute from the scheduler.


It works by setting a random due time, and saving it in file. Every minute the macro will load the text file to variable T4, to check if the due time is in the next minute. If it is, it will keep running and check every second if time's up. If you wanted less accuracy than seconds for your random time, it would not need all of this.


When due, it performs your action (see above), sets a new random due time, and exits the repeat loop; it stops, ready for your schedule to run it every minute.


Please let me know if the timing is wrong!


Best, Randall


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thanks for the reply. I'm having trouble seeing why you thought I needed to execute this every minute? Also, I have no trouble starting it myself, that's fine, it doesn't need to be automatic.


Here's pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do.


Lets say I start it, the macro would delay 10 Seconds, then press CTRL-SHIFT-SPACE, wait between 35 and 45 minutes, and at some random point in that timeframe it would press the key combo again. Once the keys are pressed, the timer starts again and waits another 35-45 minutes and again presses the combination at a random point in that time, and keeps going until I stop it.


That's pretty much it. As for the macro being program specific, this is not needed.


Thanks a lot for your help, it's much appreciated. I tried the one you gave me, but was unsuccessful in getting it to work. I never was much of a programmer.

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To explain; I could have asked it to do exactly as you say, but am not used to that, as it would tie up Macro Express perpetually (you would not be able to use it for anything else as it would always be running for "waiting"; I would rather such a process just run briefly every minute to check if it needs to act or not.



(Also, first ; "File "/ "Import"/ "Import Playable macro" from Macro Editor)


I'm disappointed if it did not even run; check the file in your "Temp" directory called "RandomTime.txt"; if you only ran it once, it will have made a time 35-45 mis ahead stored in there; if you run it again, it will probably do what I have asked; "Display Text Box"; you need only un-delete the line


      Text Type: <CONTROL><SHIFT><SPACE>


to get your action if that time is elapsed.


After the first "Else" in about line 10, put

  Delay 10 Seconds



if you want a delay and insert there.


Best again, Randall


(but, yes, you will need to take up the cudgel and at least get the scheduler AND editor working (easy; in "Properties" tab at top;

Click schedule box, click "Set Schedule"

Click "Other" Box

Click "Play Macro Indefinitely" box

At bottom; "every - " 1 minute, 0 secs)

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