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Xcopy; Gui For Dos - Without Editing In Dos


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hi again,


I have always wanted to have XCOPY where I did not have to go to the command line!


This adds to my previous suggestion of using XCOPY without going to DOS at all, but without so many options.




I wonder if someone can help me out with two issues.


1. What is the format for the date (in DOS Xcopy) if one copies from a specific date.? In Australia, at least on my computers, Windows 98 requires the local regional date (d/M/yy), whereas Windows XP in DOS requires the American format with a month first! I wonder what the experience is in America for instance, and Europe?/ others in Australia?


2. I am having difficulty making the HTA form “pause". "Sleep" does not seem to work as it should in VB script. This means I have to put in an extra "Enter changes" button after one changes with the directory button. Does anyone have any ideas?


Please let me know if there are any other concerns about the XCOPYs of various sorts!


All the best, Randall.


PS I will post an update to the form maker that will allow easier adjustment of previous forms.

Do others have any ideas or plans for future HTA/ ME synthesis to add functionality?


Form Maker


PS This XcopyGUI3 (btw playable and works in Windows98 on)makes a playable macro which runs its own DOS bat file with the generated Xcopy options. Simply import the macro, rename it and call it . It times itself to wait till dos bat file finishes. You will need to keep the dos file in Macro Express directory or move it if you change computers!



(See image next post)


Now upload working - but I have put v2 as less buggy for now; email me for a copy of3 if you want


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Hi everyone,


I think I have it right now!


I was originally thinking that the XCOPY GUI could be used particularly for people who are using to learn the DOS XCOPY, but the other options provide for normal usage from the Windows Explorer box as well, to copy files between directories and only overwrite if the files by newer, or from certain dates (if one uses the DOS option).


I am finding it useful for myself, with its interactive use with Windows Explorer to choose the directories (especially if you follow the subsequent procedures with "middle mouse button click activation"), but it will also work as a standalone macro. It allows picking files or directories or dates by clicking on buttons on the form if necessary.



1. Download the playable macro to the desktop, preferably, though, your macro express directory, or somewhere on your Windows path should also work.

2. It can then be run directly from the desktop or wherever, or any shortcut.

3. Alternatively, and preferably, import it to your current macro library, and set it with "middle button click", anywhere on the screen, scope "Windows Explorer". (It will then allow the selection of your two directories with a middle button click before the form loads even - though it will remain flexible and allow you to change these in the form)

4. Once the directories are selected, or the form is loaded, you can change any directory or any option as necessary.

5. You can suppress the generation of a new macro which may be used in subsequent macros, by clicking on the appropriate checkbox.

6. You can elect not to use the DOS settings at all, and just use "copy any newer files" using XcopyME, and not using DOS at all.


I have found it a useful exercise to be able to program the buttons to run small playable macro express macros, passing control completely over to the HTA form initially, and starting the macro express macro again after submission of the form.


Please let me know if you wish to know any more any details about the programming


Best, Randall.

(PS again, I am interested to have any feedback as I can only run this on a couple of computers to check it is working appropriately)




*** WOOPS -posted again as I'd not posted last file; was not running unless Explorer open, and was not initialising properly**** (if you already installed it, delete "XcopyGUI3.mxe" AND "Xcopy3.hta" from your Macro Express directory first)


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