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Sharing macros back and forth between v 3 users and Pro users

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Macro Express Pro has conversion routines which allow it to run macros that were written in v 3. But there are various methods to load a macro into macro express. Which methods work with the conversion routines, and which methods do not work forcing the user to manually adjust the v 3 macros.


For example, some of the methods are:

open macro file (*.mex)

import macro

import playable macro

macro command to run macro from text file

pasting the clipboard containing macro commands into the scripting editor


And how about sharing macros that I write in Macro Express Pro with colleagues that are still on v 3? Assuming that my macro does not contain a command that is a new function introduced in Pro, can I export the macro written in Pro so that a v 3 user can import the macro? Or are there enough changes such that macros written in Pro cannot go back to v 3 (e.g., Remark command renamed to Comment command, the addition of error handlers needed for some commands in Pro).

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