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OT: funny geek tip--R2D2 sounds..

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A bit off-topic here, but what-the-heck... There's a funny website here


where you can type in a word and have it translated to R2D2. You can then download the sound file as an .mp3 file.

The default sound file format for Windows is .wav, so after you download the .mp3, convert it to .wav. If you don't have a utility to convert it, there is a pretty cool freebie called Format Factory here (It's sponsored by eBay and will "offer" to add eBay to your favorites... Just uncheck the option)


you can also get it from here



Just save the .wav in a place where you can find it on your hard drive and from the MacExp editor, go to Multimedia>Sound File>Browse, and embed the R2D2 sound into your macro! ;)


BONUS Geek Tip: Format Factory will also let you convert any image (small, square, low-detail ones work best) into an .ico file ... From the MacExpPro Script Editor you can click the macro's identifying icon--left of the (now editable) Macro Nickname field. This will allow you to assign your custom .ico to it :P


That's all! Happy Holidays!!!

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