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At startup ME resides in my system tray (lower right corner of my monitor).

Can the entire editor be password protected from loading and still have a scheduled macro run? I had a incident the other night with a scheduled macro that ran over the weekend but was disabled on Friday before I left work. Either the disable feature has a glitch or someone was nosieing around. Thanks.

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Macro Express consists of two main components: the Player and the Editor.


The Editor is used to create and edit macros. The Player will play macros in the macro file. The Player will run macros without the Editor running. You can even choose to install only the Player (without the Editor). This works well as long as you supply a macro file that has been created on another computer.


In addition you can assign a password that prevents someone from accessing the Editor. Click Options | Preferences | Passwords to assign a password.


You should note that unlike most of the preferences the password options are stored in the macro file itself. This means you can have one macro file that is password protected and you can have other macro files that do not require a password.


In addition to assigning a password that must be entered before you can edit any of the macros in the macro file, you can also assign a password that must be entered before you run any macros in the file.


You may also assign edit or run passwords to individual macros within a macro file. Open the macro in the Scripting Editor and click the Security tab to do this.

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Thanks Kevin,

I set up a macro against the editor and it works great. If this was not human intervention that started the scheduled macro, any ideas on the disabled feature haveing a glitch? This schedule macro has worked like a charm for the last 8 weeks M-F. The reason I disabled it is because we only need this to run M-F. I suppose I should add code to just bypass the weekend dates but I'm thinking it could be lots of dates between now and the end of the year. Any thoughts on that one too?... :P


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I have not heard of any glitches with the disable macro logic.


To exclude Saturday and Sunday from the days that the macro runs, put this at the top of your macro:

// Get the day of week (Sun through Sat)
Date/Time: Save "ddd" into %T1%
If Variable %T1% contains "Sat"
If Variable %T1% contains "Sun"
 Macro Return
End If

Using this technique the macro will start but do nothing on Saturday and Sunday.


Note: For those who do not have Windows configured for English, you will need to change "Sat" and "Sun" to reflect the language you use.

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