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disaster, gradual corruption, can't run

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i was very enthusiastic about geting version PRO.

installed it, conveted oneof my macro files.

then, could not edit part of the converte file.

then, started to get crashes on startup

then coulnt even open the program.

now can't right click on icon in task bar to clos the prgram.


now crashes on even simle startp


i uninstaled,then re-installed


in short, I can't do anything with the program.

tried running/installng as administrator (windows vista), but no improveent.

any ideas appreciated.



ADDENDUM, i just went to task manager, killed the program.

BEFORE killing, CPU was at 65%

after killing, CPU at 3 (THREE) percent, which is where it normally is


something in MEpro i eating up my processor

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In your place I think I'd start with as clean a slate as possible. IOW, uninstall, remove all traces of ME Pro from HD and registry then re-install. Then methodically try some very simple newly-written macros. If OK, ensure any MEX file you want to import is still working OK in ME 3 before you try using it in ME Pro.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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thanks for replies


re: macexp3, the macro's that I import are currently-working macexp3 macro's. I just copy them, rename the copy as xxxxxVER4.mex or whatever, so I still have my version 3


I did an uninstall, and reinstalled, and it still does same thing.

WHERE in registry do I uninstall, so that I don't damage MacExpVER-3?


re: INCIDENTS, is there an incident site, to see status of incidents, on the forum?





re: TESTING, I don't mind testing this product, as I know it will be fixed up, but it is very frustrating when I can't get past the first step : - (




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