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I am running Clipmate 7.3.12 from Thornsoft and after installing MacroExpress Pro, a feature of Clipmate (PowerPaste) does not work correctly. When I initiate Power Paste it just goes through the list immediately. Thornsoft advises Something is auto-pasting data into the clipboard. See:

http://www.thornsoft.com/faq/index.php?act...&artlang=en. I have notified Thornsoft of this problem as I have not been able to successfully ignore MacroExpress Pro from that side.

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I've had a perhaps related problem that began occurring around the time I upgraded to Macro Express Pro from Macro Express 3. Frequently (but not always) when I try to paste something from the clipboard I get a Windows message that I never encountered before, saying "Unable to unload the clipboard." Nevertheless, after I click OK to dismiss the message, the clipboard contents are pasted correctly. I don't know for sure that ME Pro is the cause as I haven't done any troubleshooting, but I wonder if other users are encountering the same problem.

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I too use ClipMate and have seen the message about the clipboard being unavailable. However I have seen a similar error message on systems that do not use ClipMate. However I do suspect that MEP and ClipMate have some incompatibilities. I have some web harvesting macros that hammer the clipboard a lot and it seems that the clipboard errors are minimized when ClipMate is disabled. I was thinking that one of these days when I have time (yeah right) I would set up a macro to test this theory. But in the mean time i simply plan on having the macro disable ClipMate whenever I'm doing such a macro and re-enable when I'm done.

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