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Running more than one macro in Macro Express Pro

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Can you run more than one macro in Macro Express Pro if you are calling a Web Site. ( If so how do you do it?)

Macro Express Pro does allow you to run multiple macros at the same time. This should work even

when calling a web site. However, it's important to keep in mind how macros work (many macro

commands just simulate key-strokes or mouse-moves). So if you are trying to have two different

macros typing or clicking on a web site, you're going to have some complications as one macro

types/clicks one thing and the other tries to do something else.


Maybe a more specific example of what you're trying to do with your two macros would help us to

help you figure out if two separate macros would be the simplest and most efficient way to build

your macro process.

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Steve hit the nail on the head but I would also like to point out that if you have macros that could possibly step on each other you should check out the "Lock Player" command.

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