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'wait For Web Page' Command Problems


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Hi all,


I am new to these forums, but I have been using Macro Express for years to automate data entry into a web based application.


The problem I am having is that I have recently upgraded my computer and the "Wait for web page" command is not working on the new system, I have tried a couple different computers and it seems it works on most older computers but doesn't work on newer systmes.


My Specs:

Windows XP Pro, (I have tested it on other winXP system, some work some don't)

Pentium 4, 3.2GB HT (The 2 systmes that it doesn't work on have both got HT, could this be it?)


Macro Express (3.5a build 1)


I think that is all the relevent information, can antone out there help me?


Thanks is advance.


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I do not think the problem is with Hyper Threading. <_< We have heard some speculation that certain problems may have been caused by HT so I upgraded to a faster computer. :D But Macro Express works fine on my new, fast, HT computer ... including Wait for Web Page.


The 'Wait for Web Page' command was rewritten for Macro Express v 3.5. Prior versions of Macro Express used the 'browser helper object' icapture.dll. Macro Express v 3.5 no longer uses or requires icapture.dll.


One consequence of the change is in the timing of the 'Wait for Web Page' command. If you have a fast internet connection and your web page comes up very fast, the 'Wait for Web Page' command may not realize that the page is already loaded. To get around this, I have added a small delay like this:


Web Site: http://www.msn.com [Default Browser]

Delay 0.1 Seconds

Wait for Web Page: "www.msn.com"


Note that msn.com is NOT a web page that will load fast. In fact, quite the opposite. I used this only as an example.


Another thing to try is to use the new Wait for Web Page option in the Web Site command. Now instead of having both Web Site and Wait for Web Page commands, you can have a single command.


Web Site: http://www.msn.com [Default Browser - Wait to load]

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I have also experienced this problem on all types of connections - but ONLY when encased within an IF statement. I have submitted this bug nearly 2 months ago. Please fix it (3.5a did not). This works only in version 3.2 or less. Any newer versions are un predictable.




Jon Harrell

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