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How To Set A Var To Name Of Current Macro Wo Ext


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I know how to set a var to "Name of Current Macro". this works great when you are running the macro from within Macro Express. However, if you create a playable macro, it assigns the entire name of the macro including the extension *.mxe. I am using this variable in the creation of a file name, so it would be nice to just assign the macro name without the ".mxe" part.



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You can use the Set Integer | Get Position of Text in a Text Variable command to determine the location of the dot(.) in your string.


Then you can delete the file extension using the "Delete Part of Text" command starting with character %N1% (The location of the dot that we set in the previous step) and continuing for 4 total characters (The dot, plus the 3 characters in the extension).

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Hi again!



Again, you can retrieve the filename without extension as one of the options in

" Variable set from file" (in file commands) %T2% fromFile as part of filename




Get the length of your MacroName in a variable, and "variable string modify" "copy part of text", length 4 less than length of name!


Best, Randall

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Here is my two cents: B)


Let's say for example that, after using the Name of Current Macro option, T1 is set to "MyPlayable.mxe". You can remove ".mxe" from the string using a single call to the Replace Substring command:

Replace ".mex" with "" in %T1%


Make sure the Ignore Case checkbox is checked.

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