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Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

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Insight Software Solutions would like to thank Professional Grade Macros for hosting the Macro Express and Macro Express Pro forums. Insight Software Solutions employees make every effort to monitor these forums but to guarantee that we see your question, bug report or feature request please use the following resources:

  1. Report a bug on our Report a Bug web page.
  2. Enter suggestions for new features using our Request a Feature page.
  3. If you need a personal response to a question or request contact us directly via email or telephone.

When bugs are reported in the forums we make every effort to enter them into our tracking system. However, if you enter the report or request our tracking system will send you an email message when that issue is resolved. Because your email address may not be available on the forum, we cannot enter it into our tracking system and you will not be notified of the status of issues. We recommend that you enter bug reports and feature requests directly into our tracking system by utilizing the Report a Bug and Request a Feature web pages.

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Issues entered into the tracking system, either as a bug report or a feature request, are reviewed by developers, not support people. You may not receive a personal response. As stated on the Report a Bug and Request a Feature pages:

You will not receive a personal email response unless we need more information.

Do not use this form to submit technical support questions. Send questions to info@wintools.com.

Our Technical Support people read and respond to each issue they receive in as timely a manner as possible. If a support issue is entered into the tracking system, it is forwarded to Technical Support. However, there may be a delay before this happens.


If you want our developers to look at a problem or consider a feature then use the Report a Bug and Request a Feature pages. If you want a reply, response or a possible work-around, send your request to Technical Support.

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