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I am using a macro to fill in information on a wb page.

I recoded the mouse location when i clicked in the first box and then tabed thru the rest.

But often for smoe reason it gets out of sync.

It starts entering the information for line 2 on line 1


How can i ensure it writes tot eh first box?

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Try, if possible, clicking somewhere prior to the first box, so that a TAB will then jump you to the first box. For example, I have a form where there is a label to the left of the first box, like so:

LAST NAME: [box to enter last name]

I have found that clicking on the label, then typing a TAB, positions me reliably to the first box.


Also try putting some WAIT FOR TEXT commands after typing fields; and/or some WAIT FOR WEB PAGE commands. These seem to be especially helpful in cases where there is a drop-down box and Internet Explorer needs time to react when you enter data into a field. It may be wishful thinking or my imagination, but these WAITs seem to make my web forms work better -- slower, but far more reliable.

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