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during our discussion about how to find, select a name and copy&paste the eMail-address

at the cursor position when the macro Alt+F10 is started, we found that several "Wait for" commands

can be combined with <OR>, so that the user may choose either to use the left, right or middle mouseclick or - in case he has to enter something into his keyboard during the macro and his fingers are already on the keyboard - just use RETURN/ENTER instead of the mouse to let the macro continue.


Wheras I prefer a macro nickname to tell the user, what key/mouseclick he has to use on multiple choices during the macro:

Alt+F10 OE E-Mailadress find&paste+RM/ENTER




task=E-Mailadress find&paste

Key to continue=RM/ENTER


Randall prefers to use a Textbox command, telling the user what to do next.

As the "keep focus" in textbox is not reliable, he uses the GETCONTROL command and SETFOCUS after the box appears. I added a MMC to have the mouse also at the cursor position.


<GETCONTROL2P:01:WAB.EXE:WABBrowseViewAdressbook001:9Edit><MSD:80><TBOX4:T:3:000647000007000313000128:000:Name ?Select name with RM=right mouseclick or

Enter first 3-4 letters of name to find& Enter to continue


Name auswählen mit RM=rechter Mausklick oder

Name mit den ersten 3-4 Buchstaben finden+ENTER>SETFOCUS:01><MMC><WAITRM:000010000000><OR><WAITKEY2:000010:000000:50><MSD:80><TBCLOSE:Name ?>

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Hi Bernd,


I am fascinated with the "OR" between "WAIT FOR..", and did not know about it before. Was this a commonly known option, and there any sample macros in the help files or tutorials which demonstrate this?


I think it would make quite a difference to a number of my macros in terms of making them less complicated.


Many thanks in anticipation, Randall

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I am fascinated with the "OR" between "WAIT FOR..", and did not know about it before.


I was also and had never thougt of it or seen any other example of the "OR" between "WAIT FOR.." After seing Bernd.Frisch post I immediately added it to several of my existing macros. Thanks Bernd.Frisch

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