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"Wait for the Hot Key to be Released before Activating"

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Assume I have a working macro, and have checked the "Wait for the Hot Key to be Released before Activating" checkbox.


Everything works fine.


When I uncheck the checkbox, one of two things happen:


1. The macro activates as soon as I press the key combination. Yay.


2. The macro does nothing.


What are the conditions that cause the macro to fail when the checkbox is unchecked?

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Most of my macros are HotKey and I have never had such a problem. Then again I usually wait for release. However I just created a simple one and it work fine.


What does your macro do? Can you create a simple example that demonstrates only the problem. I'm thinking a simple macro that only displays a text box with the hotkey configured as you describe. Then post if here with a description of what you witness.

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If the macro does nothing how do you know it activates? What is your macro doing?


I will try to create a sample, and post it here in the next day or two.


My initial sense is that it usually happens when the hotkey involves more than two keys, e.g., Ctrl + Alt + Q.

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