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Activate Window command stops working


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I have written a series of macros that copy text from one application to another and then return to the original application. Suddenly the return part does not work -- but I don't get any errors. I don't see the little "running" icon either, so the macro obviously "thinks" it's done. The changes I made today only had to do with manipulating text and variables to make changes to the text before copying it. I don't see how that should affect the window-switching. Can you think of anything that would cause this? I tried closing and re-opening Macro Express and the two applications in question, but it didn't make a difference. I'm using the Activate Window command and it recognizes the window from a partial title that uses the application name. It worked perfectly until now.






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Did you maybe misplace an END IF in your new logic, so you are bypassing the return Activate? Put a (temporary) text box display right before the Activate for debugging purposes, so you can see if your macro is actually getting there.

I had tried that already. I had put a display right before the Activate. The box came up, but then the switch didn't happen. The only IFs/END IFs are at the beginning of the macro, and it kept on working after I added those. THere are no IFs in the text manipulation bit (it's just reversing names, like turning Ebenezer Samuel Anderson into Anderson, Ebenezer Samuel before pasting it in).


Well, after I wrote the above sentence, I just now went back in and tried it again and now it's working! But I had shut down the computer and rebooted in between my earlier message and this one. I still wonder what happened, as I'm writing these for someone else, so I really don't want them to behave erratically. The fact that it's working after rebooting suggests some temporary memory thing, though I don't know how that would apply to this situation exactly. I'll see how they behave ongoing.


Thank you, rberg.



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