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Get Pixel Color

David Moen

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The best way to request a feature is to enter it into our 'Request a Feature' web page. This is accessible from by visiting www.macros.com/support.htm and clicking Request a Feature, by visiting www.macros.com/bugreport.htm or by clicking Options, Configure Bug Reporter, and then clicking on the 'Request a Feature' link.


In the meantime, you can accomplish the same thing using existing macro commands. Try something like this:

Get Control %C1% (Inbox - Microsoft Outlook: SUPERGRID)
Variable Set Integer %N1% from Control %C1% Left
Variable Set Integer %N2% from Control %C1% Top
Variable Modify Integer: %N1% = %N1% + 14
Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N2% + 103
Get Pixel: Screen Coords: %N1%,%N2% into %N1%

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