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Clipboard Copy command doesn't get along with a certain applicaton?

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Fair enough. In principle I agree with you, it's just that on this particular issue I can see both sides of the argument.


How much have you saved up in your collection jar <g>?


Actually, much as I dislike Gates in his Microsoft roles, I now wonder if he isn't a modern-day Robin Hood? He's stolen from the rich (MS' inflated prices over the years) and now, via his foundation, donates more to his causes than has ever been donated before. I believe he actually has more chance of generating a solution to Malaria than anyone else.

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You're right, there really are two sides to the "nulls" argument, especially where there is an outright command to empty the clipboard, ME could say that storing a null variable in the clipboard was never INTENDED to work, it just by chance DID work but we shouldn't rely on it.


Robin Hood -- Yes, I hadn't thought about Bill in those terms, but there's a lot of truth in the analogy! :)

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