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macro PopUp listing, better naming mechanism?

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to all

see the attached screen shot.


this relates to naming, and nicknames, and order of macro's


What I WANT to do is create my dropdown list (item 3), and have it in order.

I would LIKE to just have the names, such as







BUT, when using any of the lists, there is no easy way to do this.


The reason is that I have to prefix the MACRO names, to kep them in correct order, inside my list of macro's.


OTHERWISE, my list would be


Cardiology (a consult)

Chest xray (an xray)

CRP (a lab test

Dermatology (a consult)


SO, using macro nicknames is not practical, because in order to keep the macro's in a group, I have to use the prefix of







Now, I TRIED to use, for listing


"FIRST PART OF MACRO", and i put in a comment


--Cardiology ----------------------

including the dashes


so that hopefully the first line f the macro would state just "cardiology" with the dashes (to eliminate FURTHER macro commands


BUT, the "first part of macro" comes up with extraneous text, and


<COMMENT> --- Cardiology ....etc


The INDEX is not practical to do sorting of the macro's either, as this is just sequentialy assigned.


I don't know if there is any way to assign an alias/true nickname, to the macro, to have just that name in a list.


I do not want to create a LIST box multiple choice; that just adds another several steps to the process, and If I add/edit/delete a macro from my selection, I then have to change the mulitple choice list (whereas if my popup selects the macro's within one section, I already have them named


Anyway, this is related to some prior posts I have done, but I thought I'd post an image to help clarify this





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