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MEP Macro Import Issue

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Good morning,


I have MEP installed on my PC and laptop. I generally create and test the macros on my PC then import to the laptop to run. I am unable to import the macros to the laptop and both machines are running MEP freezes up and I am forced to terminate the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Marte

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First check to make sure Macro Express Pro is really 'locked up' by pressing the ESC key when it is unresponsive. If that allows you to continue to use Macro Express Pro then it is likely that the dialog displayed when importing macros is hidden behind something.


We made a change in version to try to avoid this. But sometimes Windows is tricky when displaying dialogs.


It is also possible that the dialog is being displayed at the edges of your screen instead of underneath something else. The import dialog remembers its size and location used previously. Macro Express attempts to detect when the dialog is not visible and move it onto a visible area of the screen. Look for a small part of the dialog around the edges of your monitor(s).


You may be able to move it. When Macro Express Pro is seemingly 'locked up' press Alt+space and then m. This activates the 'move' function of a dialog. You can then use the arrow keys to move it around. Try to move it up, down, left or right to see when it becomes visible.


Since this is an issue we have already tried to fix, please report your results so we can figure out what is happening.

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Thanks for the help. You were right, MEP was not really locked, the 'ESC' key restored functionality.


I was not able to see the dialog box at all so Alt+space, m did not work. Since your reply explained

that the dialog might be hidden, I was able to resolve the problem. I changed the size of the MEP window

using 'Restore Down' and found the dialog box. It is now visible and the import worked perfectly.



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