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Are global variable global to concurrent runs?

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Can someone please describe to me the nature and interaction of global and local variables with respect to concurrent macro execution? IE if I have a string %file% in one macro and another executes and sets %file% to something else in another macro does that change it for the first macro? If they all play in the same variable sandbox will I insulate myself if I make most of my variables local? IE only use globals where I really need to?

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Let's say macro 1 uses the Variable Save command and saves variable T1 to memory. Macro 2 is run slightly after the first macro. It also uses the Variable save command and saves a different value to variable T1. Macro 3 runs the Variable Restore command. The value saved to T1 in macro 2 is the value restored. It was the last variable saved and overwrote the value in macro 1.


Global variables called in a Macro Run command use the values from the parent macro. They will not get confused with a separate running macro that uses the same variable name. In this case they each have their own sandbox to play in.

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