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ME Pro speed issue?

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In the ME3 forum in post #13 of the thread


I raised a puzzle about ME Pro being much slower than ME3 in some cases.


For those (e.g. Cory) who don't read that forum, here's a brief summary. The following short macro code (a suggested faster method of emptying the clipboard) runs 20 times slower in ME Pro than in ME 3 on my PC.


Repeat Start (Repeat 100 times)

Variable Set String %X% to ""

Variable Modify String: Save %X% to the clipboard

End Repeat


ME Pro took 25.4 secs

<REPEAT START Start="1" Step="1" Count="100" Save="FALSE" Variable="%N[1]%"/>
<VARIABLE SET STRING Option="\x00" Destination="%X%"/>
<VARIABLE MODIFY STRING Option="\x10" Destination="%X%"/>



ME 3 took 1.4 secs



As I can't figure out why, it worries me that this might be a general issue. Or at least for macros using similar variable setting and modification commands. But, if so, I would have expected to see many reports from users witnessing slow-downs.


BTW, have the codeboxes always been this wasteful of space?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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Mine aren't.

Some Code

On the matter of performance there has been quite a bit of discussion on the matter, you just can't see it. I raised many questions and concerns on performance in the beta forums and there were several problems that were identified and fixed while others were too difficult to surmount so they were left. Often the issue had to do with new features. For instance the new variables. One of those was how the clipboard was managed and I'm guessing that's what your seeing here. Your sample is instant without the clipboard command but takes days with. Now as to why exactly this is different is a matter for the ISS boys. It might be a bug or it might be something we have to live with. FWIW I find the clip commands work a lot more reliably in MEP.


BTW, thanks for letting me know about the ME3 post. It's appreciated.

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