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Macros Won't Work In One Window


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I have been using Macro Express for a few months. Has been an excellent program thus far. However, this morning my macros won't work in a web site. The macros are just text, basically text I use frequently that I need to run often. They work in email, IM, Word etc etc, just won't work in a browser. All of them are set to Global. When I hit my hotkeys in a browser I get the 'ding' noise that happens when a feature is unavailable? Any ideas?

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Hi Joe,


Thanks for the welcome.


All the macros worked in browsers yesterday (and most days since Jan :lol: ) All of the macros just print text I use frequently. Hotkeys are things like Ctrl+R CtrL+A Alt+Q etc etc. I use Internet Explorer.


Thanks for your help

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Okay, we know that the macros worked fine the previous day. So if they are not working the next day, and if they have not changed, then something else has happened on your computer and the macros themselves are fine.


Did you check to make sure that a macro is not already running when you attempt to fire another one?


Did another program "take over" your keyboard and mouse hooks? Some programs do not play nice with these things. Try resetting the hooks. Right-click on the Macro Express icon in your system tray and choose "Tools | Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks".

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Thanks. Tried restoring mouse hooks, that didn't work. I came up with a fix but it's cumbersome. I added a 3 sec delay at the start, start the macro in a window where it works (Word) then switch to the browser window during the first 3 seconds and it works. But that means I have to add a delay to each mac and it's taking forever :(

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