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Managing accelerator keys in menus

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Using accelerator keys can be very productive (it's often faster than d-clicking a menu entry), but at present IMO it's flawed in several ways. When editing a menu macro the accelerator keys are not displayed. You have to d-click an individual entry or click the 'A' button to see it. So you have to open the menu itself to see all the entries, in order to edit them, including removing the duplicates that ME Pro seems to create when you gradually add more entries.


Is it possible for a future version to do the following please:


1. Show the accelerator keys in Menu Builder menu, in addition to the macro name?


2. Automatically avoid adding duplicates?

For example, in the menu of I'm looking at here, the sequence of accelerators from top to bottom is:

A C O G T Q D V 0 S A T U V B W X E Y Z 2 3 4 F 5 6 7

That includes 3 confusing duplications (A, T and V).


3. Optionally allow automatic re-sorting of the list to accelerator sequence?


4. Allow user to automatically re-assign unique accelerators in sequence, top to bottom?



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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I would like to add the possibility of renaming the macros in the Menu.


The optional possibility to view Accelerator Keys as prefix like "M Mail" instead of Underlining a letter within the word "Mail" in the menubuilder and the menu itself would be good too.


I think this was actual the intention if i read the helptheme "Menu Builder - Miscellaneous".


There it´s saying/showing: The accelerator keys are underlined and displayed to the left of the macro name. Now i´m renaming the macros, which takes a lot of time.


And please add key combinations for the Edit-Buttons on the right!! :rolleyes:

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