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My company has Macro Express installed on Citrix servers. Processors open up the citrix session through a browser and all processing applications are accessed and worked then within this Citrix session that is open through the citrix server based website.


Has anyone ever used the macro express program to gather information from a program on/within the Citrix session and paste or populate it into a program located on the users PC? Remember, ME is on the citrix server, not the PC.


For example, I want to gather a name and address from a green screen which is located within the Citrix session. I then would like it to input the data into a program that the processor has initiated from their pc desktop or my documents, etc.


Can you get the macro express that is resident on the Citrix server to recognize a program outside the session on the PC?


Thanks for any help.



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I have worked a lot with macro express and have supported citrix clients for a long time;


The short answer is: no. ME won't (more accurately, cannot) leave citrix. Sorry!


More or less, in a Citrix session you can only interact one way without special tools or plugins. If these exist for this purpose I do not know, but unfortunately it just doesn't work that way.


Chances are you could come up with a set of macros running on the local PC and in citrix that work well together!

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