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Hey all,


Not sure if this is unique to me or not, but I noticed a HUGE difference in the resources MEPro uses during CPU heavy tasks.


I run a lot of CPU heavy data crunching w/ VBA in Excel, and have used ME3 to help me automate a lot of it in the past - When I switched to MEPro, I noticed a HUGE slowdown. What took 2 minutes before took 15. As soon as I shut down MEPro, it sped right back up again.


When I looked at the windows task manager, it shows that MEPro used very little CPU processing most of the time - but when I start getting CPU heavy in Excel, all of a sudden, MEPro is using upto 80%+ of the CPU.


The issue isn't there in ME3, so for now I'm creating a workaround that shuts down MEPro when I need heavy calculation then starts it up again afterwards, but it's a pain in the butt.


Thanks for any insight/input,



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