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Hi Notbob,


The incremental search of yore does not work in MEP. This would be a fine feature to reintroduce. FEATURE REQUEST!!!!


(I assume that the grid of commands was a listview control in Macro Express 3. The search comes for "free" as part of the control: type the first letter to get to the first item that starts with that letter, or the type the first few letters quickly to get to the first item that starts with that string of characters.)


There is a workaround in MEP. It takes an extra step, but it also more powerful: Press Ctrl + F to "Find," type a search string -- which can be as short as one character, and then press Enter. Every time you press Enter, you find the next instance of the search string. Press Esc to close the search dialog, and the desired command should have focus. You can specify a search in Nicknames, Activations, and other columns as well.


It would be better if the search automatically wrapped to the top if a search string is not found, but it does not. FEATURE REQUEST!!!!


For example: to go to a command with nickname "test xyz", you could search for any of the following:






t x



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Unfortunately, a search for "g" doesn't jump to the first macro beginning with "g,"

but to the first macro that contains a "g."


There are advantages and disadvantages to the Find feature, just like there are advantages and disadvantages to a built in incremental listview search. For example, if you type two letters instead of one, you significantly increase the likelihood of going directly to the command you want. But this also applies to incremental searches in a listview.


It is good to be able to use either strategy. So please, do make a feature request!

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