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yes and i can change all my macros again from left to right click and vice versa because iss switched all back again...............


is it now finished or should i wait until the next switch?????????????????????????



How about a bit help?

Why don't you write me a macro which changes all left mause clicks in right mouse clicks and right mouse clicks in left mouseclicks??


i am really a bit angry now!!

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A bug report was made that said there was still a problem when a mouse was set for left-handed use. We fixed that problem. We understand your frustration. We hope that all the features now work correctly for left-handed mouse use.


As Floyd indicated in his reply to your post on Jan 28:

...try the direct editor. Use its features to swap the click commands: <MOUSE RIGHT CLICK/> and <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/>.

To do this:

  1. Open the macro in the Script Editor
  2. Click View, Direct Editor
  3. Type Ctrl+r to bring up the Find/Replace dialog.
  4. Enter <MOUSE RIGHT CLICK/> in the 'Find what:' box and <MOUSE LEFT CLICK/> in the 'Replace with:' box (or vice versa).

You will need to repeat these actions for each macro.

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I reported a bug with the "prompt for value" dialogue where, on my machine, the dialogues would appear garbled and cause the running macro to freeze MEP. I then discovered it was caused by a clash with a tiny utility I use (ResizeEnableRunner) which allows me to resize any dialogue box in almost any application on the fly, but which disagreed violently <g> with MEP. I more or less resigned myself to having to do without this utility since I really didn't expect Insight to worry about such an unimportant problem.


Lo and behold, the problem has been fixed in this new release, which makes me very happy. Thanks to Kevin and his colleagues.

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