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Alt+8 Word Footer,path+filename,date,user, Page#


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Would you like such a Footer in your WORD document ?


Document1 XX.XX.XXXX / BF Page 1 of 1


adjusting automatically, if you save your document under a different name e.g. to


D:\Word\Private Letters\IBM-Dr.Smith-ME-Macro Alt+8.doc 25.Mar.2005 / BF Page 1 of 1


So after you print the document you will always see in the footer of the first page, wher the document has been saved !!!!!




The Macro uses English ALT-commands if directory c:\Program files is existing and allows to choose the font size with a left mousclick on font size 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 and returns to the document text.


It can easily be changed from German to other languages, by using search&replace, but will always run also with an English version of Word.


Bilingual macro ENGLISH & GERMAN, so everybody not using an English version of Word will be able to adopt the macro for his national Word version.


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