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Beep in Menu Builder

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This is a minor point but I'd appreciate comments on resolving it please.


If I have a menu open in the Menu Builder and I press a letter key, the selection jumps helpfully to the first macro starting with that letter. But if I happen to use one of my global shortkey macros while that window is in focus, all of which in my case start with the # symbol, I get beeped at, because I don't have any macro starting with # !


I'm not sure what the best solution might be, either by ISS or a user. The beep is presumably the one activated optionally within Windows, using Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Sounds > Default Beep. But there are times when I do want that warning, so I don't want to switch it off altogether.


BTW, I recall that same feature of 'finding the first name starting with...' was requested in a recent thread for the Explorer window. If/when that facility is released, this unwanted beep will become much more frequent.



Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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The menus are not created by Macro Express Pro. Instead, they are created by the Windows Common Controls. Windows beeps when you type something that is not in the menu. You can make a feature request that this be turned off but it will likely receive a very low priority.

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